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Strategic communication

Welcome to El Cuore. A strategic communication and advertising agency, conformed by professionals with more than 20 years of experience in the market who are still in love with their  profession.

​We understand that a creative strategy is the base for any good communication, main reason for why our methodology is to work together with our clients by analyzing each one of their needs and giving a quick solution with an effective message adding value to the construction of the brand.


Work history

About us

After working in several large agencies, we have inherited a vast experience in the communication market, building strong brands. Specifically, our strongest differential advantage is that, for almost ten years, we also worked on the other side of the counter as Creative Directors of one of the most important retail companies in Argentina. This allowed us to perfectly understand the internal and external needs of our customers and its times, providing quick communication solutions with high creative level.

Because we were on that side, we created the ideal independent agency.

Pablo De Ritis

Creative Director

Jorge Ravazzani

Creative Director

Extraction art direction. He got his Advertising degree from the Universidad de Ciencias Empresariales y Sociales, and later entered the career of Graphic Design at the Universidad de Buenos Aires. Pablo worked in several front line agencies as Creative Director, collaborating with leading professionals in the work environment and receiving more than 100 national and international awards.

Copywriter extraction. He studied Advertising at the Fundación de Altos Estudios and then got his second degree at the Escuela Superior de Creativos. Jorge worked in several agencies, both in Argentina and Spain with very different profiles, which allowed him to have extensive experience in the advertising industry. He started as a teacher with his own chair of creative writing and has published several texts.

Know us

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Agencia de comunicación El Cuore

Amenabar 1252, 8° A

Buenos Aires, Argentina | C1426AJV

Agencia de comunicación El Cuore

Agencia de comunicación El Cuore



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  • El Cuore - Agencia de publicidad
  • El Cuore - Agencia de Publicidad

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We are ready to communicate. We´re looking forward to work with you! 

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